Welcome to McWhorter Elementary's Wiki!

Maintained by Gina Martinez, 3rd grade teacher at McWhorter Elementary in Lubbock, TX

This wiki is an ongoing, collaborative project that is being established to promote technology at McWhorter Elementary. This wiki is intended to aid staff members in their mission to incorporate technology into their curriculum. Please try to contribute to our wiki!

A wiki is a group of web pages that allows users to add information in a collaborative way that builds information on a particular topic. It permits others to freely make changes. Here's another explanation of what a wiki is for those who are unfamiliar with the term, it's by Teachers First, Wiki Walk Through . There is also a comparison of a wiki to a blog on that website.

Wikis and Blogs are just a couple of ways to discuss ideas among teachers, but they can also be ways students can communicate and collaborate with each other (in and outside the classroom). As this report by, Metiri Group-Commissioned by Cisco Systems, shows, Technology in Schools Reportthere have been drastic improvements using technology in the classroom. For more information on wikis and to start a classroom wiki, go here: More on Wikis. As teachers we are empowered with tools that can make a difference! Contribute to this wiki and use the resources to expand your teaching experience. And, as seen in this video clip, Don't be Like These Teachers by the Apple Teacher Institue, Lesley University...let's not be like this! Are we ready for the 21st Century?

To set up a classroom wiki...I have just read that students DO NOT need an email account!
Please read this information from Wikispaces and look over #5.