What Is a “Clicker”or CPS?

A classroom response system (sometimes called a "Clicker" or "audience response system" or CPS) is a set of hardware and software that facilitates teaching activities such as the following.
· A teacher poses a multiple-choice question to his or her students via an overhead or computer projector, perhaps using PowerPoint to do so.
· Each student submits his or her answer to the question using a handheld transmitter (often called a “clicker”) that beams an infrared or radio-frequency signal to a receiver attached to the teacher’s computer.
· Software on the teacher’s computer collects the students’ answers and produces a histogram showing how many students chose each of the answer choices.

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How CPS K-12 Will Transform Your Classroom:

  • Use CPS to increase weekly test scores. CPS gives you immediate results to class answers on tests.
  • Streamline your grading. All of your tests are graded automatically within CPS saving you time and energy.
  • Your class test results can also be easily exported to Excel, Word, PDF, or the CPS Gradebook.
  • Use your existing Powerpoint Presentations within CPS.
  • You can even embed digital videos into your Powerpoint
  • Pass out a paper test and allow students to answer at their own pace.
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