Examples of Technology in the Classroom

The purpose of this wiki is to provide resources and examples of technologies for learning in K-12 classrooms. Please add content below. //In order to do vertical and team curriculum planning we ought to consider the available technologies for the classroom. Are there ways we can use these options in our curriculum? Here are some ideas of the classroom of the future:

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Web-based Technologies
Examples of ways the web is being used for learning.





  • In order to podcast you will need to learn a few skills in this order: 1. How to record your audio and save it to an .mp3 file. 2. How to create an RSS file which holds the “directions” for sending your file when a user’s program like iPodder requests it 3. How to write the “directions” that are inside the RSS file 4. How to upload the RSS “feed” and your .mp3 file 5. How to validate that the file is written correctly and will send the file correctly.
  • LearningFeeds: free podcasts on learning-related topics from a leader in the training and development industry (http://www.learning2005.com/learningfeeds/)
  • How to Create Your Own Podcast - A Step-by-Step Tutorial: A thorough article with tons of good information (http://radio.about.com/od/podcastin1/a/aa030805a.htm)


Does anyone have e-learning info/resources to put here?

K-12 Interactive Videoconferencing Resources

- a list of interactive videoconferencing events, including virtual field trips, where users can sign up to participate.

  • Two Way Interactive Connections in Education is Michigan's organization for videoconferencing in K-12 education. Click here to find virtual field trips for your class. Be sure to select a value for Restrict Connection Type. To view free programs, select "less than or equals" for Program Fee and enter "0" in the box. For a broad search all other boxes can be left blank.

  • Southwest Educational Development Laboratory maintains a listserv for educational technologists and other educators who have an interest in the use of two-way interactive videoconferencing in K-12 schools and school districts. Educators are encouraged to join by sending an email to K12ivc-request@sedl.org with the word "subscribe" in the subject.

  • NASA LIVE is a series of FREE videoconferencing programs. The goal of this program is to make full use of NASA's aerospace technology assets to produce exciting and meaningful learning experiences for students, educators, faculty, and adult learners across the nation and the world. NASA LIVE connects students, educators, faculty, and adult learners to NASA in an interactive, virtual setting without the inconveniences and expenses of travel and time spent away from the classroom.

  • Keystone is the top conference for interactive videoconferencing users, bringing a wealth of knowledge to conference attendees. Participants can attend via interactive videoconferencing

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