Learning Styles:

How does the learning styles theory impact education?
"Educators must place emphasis on intuition, feeling, sensing, and imagination, in addition to the traditional skills of analysis, reason, and sequential problem solving," as stated by Funderstanding. This website will help understand the different learning styles of our students. Technology can address various learning styles...How have you been able to accomplish this goal? Are learning disabilities less "noticeable" when using technology? Are students mastering levels of technology faster than other subjects? What are your experiences with learning styles in your classroom?

Using the ADDIE, Instructional System Design, may help achieve your goals of implementing educational technology.

How does one teach to address the various learning styles in the classroom? Here's an article that will help address the various learning styles.

What is Meaningful Learning?

Various Knowledge Levels and differences in levels...

Curriculum Planning :Checklists and rubrics for assessing students in technology