Online Survey Tools

There are several (free) online survey tools that can help with any type of survey you'd like to produce. Most survey tools have limited features, but you can upgrade for a small monthly fee. I have a chart explaining the ones I have evaluated and the uses of these tools can help in many ways! I'll have examples listed on here, shortly. What's neat about using these online survey tools is that you can paste the web link in an email and send it to your contacts or post the shortcut on your students' computer desktops. I've delivered the survey link in both manners and the results have been great. You can set the settings of the survey to be taken multiple times from a computer (shared computers) or only once from any computer (like I do when I send out a staff survey). You can include an answer choice for the surveyors name or you can exclude their name. The possiblities are endless for the online survey tools...

Websites for online survey tools:


This chart may help you decide which online survey tool will help you best.

Some examples of ways survey tools can be used in the classroom:

before or after a lesson
to gather ideas
to gather data to chart information
evaluate a website, software, hardware, etc...
evaluate discussions
in a staff meeting

How to Survey Websites:

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