Technology Promotion

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As Alan Warhaftig states, in an article entitled Getting There, "We will get there from here only if technologists collaborate with educators to develop both 21st century learning tools and pedagogically sound ways to use them."

Technology in education has come a long way. Teachers are now using technology in all aspects of the curriculum. How are you promoting and establishing a classroom that is preparing our students for the 21st Century?

Here's a great aritcle in TeacherMagazine...about Dan McDowell...

Dan McDowell on Technology

McDowell, a 10-year veteran, teaches Advanced Placement and College Prep World History at West Hills High School in San Diego. He has a master’s degree in educational technology, has trained teachers to use tech tools in class, and was named the Western region’s Internet Educator of the Year by the company Classroom Connect in 2002. In his blog (A History Teacher's Blog), he writes about classroom management, technology projects, and students. Here are his answers to reader questions asked on our Web site.
What’s the best tech tool for communicating and sharing information with parents?

Two tools that I recommend are e-mail and classroom weblogs.