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More on Wikis

Ways to Build your own wiki:

WikiSpaces Offers a free Share-Alike 2.5 Licence to teachers

Build wiki A free MicroContent WikiWiki Web by James Ruston. It enables the wiki to be saved in various ways when access to a side server is not available.

Using Wiki in Education The digital future...wikis that contain information on Web2.0 and other topics

Wiki Junior A collaborative project to produce series of full-color booklets for children aged 8 to 11.

Blogs in the Classroom
Ideas from the contributors to the Blogs in the Classroom Blog...

Mrs. C writes:
  • ===We Need to Find Ways to Authentically Engage Students===We could...
> Increase use of project-based learning
  • Attach learning to students’ lives
> Provide real world application, including global communication skills
  • Increase the audience of student products to include more than teacher-parent
> A blog can aid in doing all of these!

Mrs. A. Smith writes:
  • ===What Is A Blog?===Blog is the shortened term for “weblog”
> Blogs are organized by postings made in reverse-chronological order and are usually short, focused writings
  • A blog can be a personal journal or collaboration of ideas from a group about a topic